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The moon-rising Wolf by BlackChaos666

This piece had me staring at it for a few minutes to try and soak in every little detail about this. It's so majestic and beautiful, yo...

This is Birgade's box

So I hacked into your page to edit this I hope you don't mind.
Woman, you've helped me through thick and thin, I don't know what I would do without you. You've helped with my depression and made me laugh harder than anyone I've ever met. Generally, anyone I meet will annoy me at least once, you haven't which is insane. You are the best friend I could wish for, and the most amazing person I have ever met. You've been through so much and look at you, you're so fucking strong and independent and that's why, not even speaking as your best friend, you are the most amazing person I know. We've talked for hours on skype without even noticing it's been hours.
Never forget that once I get my ass over to the east coast we're gonna scream at cars "Roll out!" And stomp and man holes for the turtles to wake up and smell the roses because they're fuckin famous why are they living in a sewer. Moving along~ You know me better than any person in the universe, you've been there for me anytime I needed you. That's why I call you my best friend. And, as a little trip down memory lane, fucking pOOR RUPERT JESUS CHRIST.
Until next time woman

~Birgade/Woman/Bitch :heart:


Werewolf at Heart Stamp by lazywolfKeep the WOLF in Werewolf by sugarpoultryWerewolf Princess Stamp by GoldenwolfWerewolfs are my best friends by Cloza

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sup noobs

Beebir by Biffalo-TreeBeebir by Biffalo-TreeBeebir by Biffalo-Tree

CYB3R-PUNK coded your page you noob

кιєяα | ♌ | ♀ | ƨτʀαɪɢʜτ | ƨɪɴɢʟє | ɴεω ʏσʀҡ

εɱσ - ɪƨʜ | ∂αʀҡ | ƨʟɪɢʜτ ρևɳҡ

favorite –

αʟʟ τʜατ ʀєɱαɪɴƨ
ʜσʟʟʏωσσ∂ ևɳ∂εα∂
ƨɕαʀʏ κɪ∂ƨ ƨɕαʀɪɴɢ κɪ∂ƨ

video game
τʜε ʟαƨτ σƒ ևƨ
ƨʟʏ ɕσσρєʀ

ƨʜαɴє αcκєʀˡƨ 9

tv show

εʟ τɪɢʀε

thing to draw:
ωσʟʋεƨ | ɕαɴɪɴєƨ | ƒєʟɪɴєƨ

Hullo! I'm Kiera, but you can call me Jamie.
You don't need to be afraid or shy of talking to me, I'm probably more scared of you than you are of me u w u;;

A bit about my appearance; I'm a tall, pale Irish goth chick with hazel brown/green/red eyes. Extremely curly crimson red hair with straight bangs that droop down into my face on the left side. And I'm always wearing black clothing and a beanie.

and I love my hot chocolate and churros. yes.

Beebir by Biffalo-TreeBeebir by Biffalo-TreeBeebir by Biffalo-Tree

Forever my love, :iconisykol:
One of my best friends and an incredibly strong soul. I'm happy that I was able to call you mine. To tell you the truth, I've never felt anything with anyone that I've felt with you. It's a comforting feeling to know you're still here in spirit. But I miss you so much..
Rest in peace, dear. :heart:

I saw you in the ocean, riding waves like seaweed leaves.
And you kept your arms in motion
kept waving out to me.
I blew a kiss goodbye,
and stayed to watch you leave.
For the tide's a perfect gentleman, he'll take you out to sea.

Beebir by Biffalo-TreeBeebir by Biffalo-TreeBeebir by Biffalo-Tree



Journal Doll by Ayria


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ok ok so would you date me? (answer honestly pls) 

7 deviants said no thank u bby
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